My focus is to increase your sales and profits. I work on a shirt-sleeve basis with your team. Typical programs include:
  • Define the market and business opportunity for your new product.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your new product programs.
  • Profile your competitors and define their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Revitalize the share, sales & profits of your current products.
  • Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your sales channel.
  • Due diligence for a potential acquisition.
My focus is increasing the share, sales and profits of your business.
On the average, my clients increase their profits by $43 for every $1 of investment in my services.

Marketing Issues and Opportunities
  • New Products: Increase the effectiveness and speed of your new product program.
  • Revitalize Current Products: Revitalize your current products.
  • Competition: Define and implement a more effective competitive intelligence and action plan.
  • Strategy: Define and explore alternative business strategies.
  • New Sales Channel: Define and put in place a new sales channel to sell a new product or serve a new market.
  • Sales Channel Effectiveness: Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your current sales channels.
  • Pricing: Evaluate and recommend options to improve your pricing and discount structure.

Market Research to Evaluate New Product or Business Opportunities
  • Market: Size, growth rate, segments, key accounts and trends.
  • Competition:  Sales, share, pricing, strategy, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Critical Success Factors: Typical factors include strategy, pricing, specifications, time window, core competence, alliances, etc.
  • Sales Channel: Is your current channel right for your new product? Define your options.
  • Pricing: Industry structure. Best strategy & specific recommendation for your entry.
  • Promotion: Industry practice. Best strategy and specific recommendation for your entry.
  • Strategy & Action Plans: As a member of you team, define your business plan and implementation program.

Market Research to Define Your Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Sales: Definition of sales by year, market segment, product line, geographic, key accounts and other variables.
  • Profit: Definition of their source of sales and profits: Annual, market segment, product line, key accounts and other variables.
  • Key personnel & organizational structure: Define and profile each of the 4-5 "drivers" to permit you to anticipate their actions. Define and profile the 8-10 "weak links" that permit you to define programs against their weaknesses.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Define their strengths and weaknesses. They are the key to your strategies and programs.
  • Key Financials: Develop a P&L and key elements of their balance sheet. Developed with input from your marketing, sales and financial team.
  • Strategy & Program:  As a team, define your strategy and action plan.

Distributor, Rep and Dealer Evaluation, Analysis and Upgrade
  • Profile: Profile your current sales channel. Includes defining sales and profits by channel & market segment.
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the effectiveness of your current sales channel. Includes mix of quantitative and qualitative tools.
  • Upgrade: Develop program to upgrade your current distributors, reps or dealers. Upgrade programs commonly increase profits by 25% in less than two years.
  • Terminate: Develop program to terminate select distributors, reps or dealers…without disrupting the remaining sales channel.
  • New: Locate new distributors, reps or dealers...confidentially.

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