Marketing Consulting, Training and Expert Witness

Over 40 years experience including 20+ years working for Fortune 500 companies and 20+ years as a highly successful consultant, trainer, public speaker and expert witness. Some of the keys to my success are that I listen, exceed expectations and meet deadlines.
Clients range from family owned businesses to large Fortune 1000 companies.
Marketing Consulting
Don Smith, President  
  My specialty is business-to-business technical products. My most common projects involve:
  • Market research to define and quantify new product opportunities.
  • Revitalize existing product growth in both sales and profits.
  • Establish, evaluate and upgrade distributors, dealers and sales representatives.
  • Competitive intelligence and action plans.
My focus is increasing the share, sales and profits of my clients.
On the average, my clients increase their profits $43 for every $1 investment in my services.
  Seminars and Workshops  
  My most common seminars and workshops involve:
  • New products. Ideas, evaluation, development, management, pricing, advertising and launch.
  • Marketing. Products, pricing, advertising & promotion, sales channels and new product programs.
  • Sales Channels. Management of sales channels for distributors, manufacturers reps and dealers.
  Don Smith is a nationally known public speaker and seminar leader. Historic associations include:
  • Cornell Graduate School of Management (MBA). Part-time faculty for credited semester-length courses. Students voted as top-ten faculty.
  • American Management Association. Multi-day seminars on marketing, new products and sales channels. Best of the best.
  • University of North Carolina Graduate School of Business. Executive Education Program. Special business appointment.
  Expert Witness  
  Experience with ~50 cases including ~40 written reports, 13 depositions, 3 jury trials and 2 arbitrations. My legal references are outstanding. Typical engagements:
  • Economic Loss to a Business. Quantify lost share, sales, profits and other critical variables.
  • Intellectual Property. Trademarks, trade names, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • Distributors, Dealers and Sales Representatives. Evaluate claims and economic loss.
  • Marketing Research. Define market size, share, growth, key trends and customary practices.

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