Cornell Graduate School of Management, Thomas Dyckman, Dean of Academic Affairs
"Voted by students as top ten faculty."
Black Lowe and Graham, David Lowe Founding Partner
"Don was a very effective and professional expert witness both in his written report and in his testimony during the jury trial."
Imaging & Sensing Technology, Dan Glaser, Business Development Manager
"Your practical knowledge & experience, supported by your dedication and hard work set new standards. Bringing you into the team is the best decision our company has made."
GAI-Tronics, G. Edward Smith, President
"The work you have done with our product develop team is outstanding. You are the key to our programs success."
Panama Canal, Walter Luchsinger, Manager Business Development
"Your assistance with our new product programs was excellent...will prove invaluable to the future of the Panama Canal."
Attorneys Title Insurance, Sharon Priest, Senior Vice President
"Don showed us excellent, practical tools that permit us to evaluate and prioritize our new product programs. Our future new product programs will be far more successful."
Baird Williams & Greer, Najia Kerrin, Partner
"Don was an outstanding expert marketing and sales witness. His written report was carefully and effectively produced and his testimony during his videotaped deposition was a significant key to the successful settlement of this case."
OReilly & Mark Law, Bart Colombo, Partner
"I would highly recommend Don as an expert witness. Don prepared an extensive report in which he defined the applicable standard and applied it to the facts at issue. Don thoroughly and effectively defended his findings when deposed by opposing counsel. Don went the extra mile to insure that his analysis was comprehensive."
Intellectulaw, Betty Tufariello, Partner. www.intellectulaw.com
"Your in depth knowledge of marketing issues, skills with establishing damages and your commitment and dedication proved an invaluable asset to our litigation team. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you again soon."
Glass Equipment Development, Pete Chojnacki, Director of Marketing
"You did a fantastic job. You provided many practical and actionable items that I have since instituted into our business. We will bring more products to market faster and more effectively."
Earthlink, Matt McLaughlin, Product Marketing Manager
"Dons ability to grasp and lend insight to new product issues, regardless of the business sector represented, is truly amazing."
Sprint, Mike Jewell, Director Product Development & Competitive Analysis
"Thanks for the excellent assistance on developing our new products. I have refocused our product development efforts, cancelled two projects and shifted resources to opportunities with more potential."
Riley & Associates, Grant Riley, Founding Partner
"Don was an excellent expert witness. He wrote an exceptional report and was very effective during his deposition. Don’s report and testimony were very important to the success of our case."
JBL Professional, Rafael Quintero. Director, Intercontinental Sales.
"Your in-depth knowledge of distribution proved very valuable to our organization. We implemented many of the principles and immediately benefited from increased sales and profits."
Ghent Manufacturing, Inc. George Leasure, President
"Your new product seminar was outstanding. The information provides me with a practical roadmap. I expect the ideas presented to significantly increase our sales & profits."
Sulzer Metco, Dijentje Fortuna, Product Manager
"You are an excellent instructor. I am more focused and clearly see the paths that need to be taken. Your experience and knowledge base helped us visualize our opportunities."
CertainTeed Corporation, Bill Eberle, Vice President Marketing
"New products are the lifeblood of any business so it is critical to have a well thought out process and implementation strategy. Thank you for taking us through your comprehensive approach. It was extremely helpful and very informative."

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