Expert Witness
I am a nationally known marketing, sales and business economist expert. My legal references are outstanding. My line-management, executive and public speaking expertise permit me to effectively explain complex issues.
My Primary Focus and Typical Engagements:
  • Economic Loss to a Business: Quantify lost share, sales, profits and other critical variables.
  • Intellectual Property: Trademarks, trade names, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • Distributors, Dealers and Sales Representatives: Evaluate claims and economic loss.
  • Marketing Research: Define market size, share, growth, key trends, competitors, marketing & sales effectiveness and customary practices.
Don Smith, President One-minute message
My experience includes ~50 cases including ~40 written reports, 13 depositions, 3 jury trials and 2 arbitrations. The basis for my success is careful and insightful listening and research. My consulting and teaching expertise permits me to explain complex issues in my reports and testimony.
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My opinions stand up to the challenges of opposing council because I combine my marketing, sales and business expertise with independent facts I secure with market research.
My Special Qualifications Include:
  • Over twenty years as a corporate executive in Fortune 500 companies. This provides me with an in-depth and practical understanding of business, sales and marketing.
  • Full-time consultant since 1989. My clients range from family owned businesses to Fortune 1000 companies including Akzo-Nobel, AT&T, Borax, DuPont, ITT, Lockheed-Martin, Lutron, Motorola, Panama Canal, SKF, Tyco, Verizon and Volvo.
  • Prior university associations include Cornell Graduate School of Management, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Voted by Cornell MBA students as top-ten faculty.
  • Seminar developer-leader with the American Management Association from 1989 to 2007. My student ratings of 3.9 on a 4.0 scale made me one of AMA very best instructors.
  • Outstanding legal references.
Special Reasons for My Success:
  • My opinions are based on a combination of my in-depth expertise and market research. My opinions are definitive and stand solid.
  • My training and public speaking experience permit me to explain complex subjects to juries.
  • I listen, do my homework and meet deadlines.

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